Ronald Reagan Academy Public School #30

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The new PreK-8 is a multi story 120,000 SF non-combustible structure. The building will be utilized for 750 students and staff and include parking and play areas. The academic wing is a three-story structure housing general classrooms, science labs, music classrooms, an art classroom and a start-of-the-art media center.

The first floor houses the Pre-K and Kindergarten students; it is equipped with a practice kitchen for life-skills instruction and an auxiliary gymnasium for the early childhood students. The second floor is designated for grades 1-4, band and vocal music classrooms, an art classroom and a technology classroom. Grades 5-8 will occupy the third floor as well as the media center, science classrooms and science labs.

The gymnasium and cafetorium, spaces that are open to the public and are located at the opposite end of the building from the academic wing. This allows the classrooms to be secure when the school is closed and aids in separating the recreational zones from the instructional zones of the building. The administrative offices lie on the ground floor allowing full visibility of all visitors while providing after hours accessibility to the staff.

MDM was responsible for providing MEP design and construction documents for the new facility. The school was designed under an extremely tight schedule for the students to be back in school for the new school year. The design included a building code analysis, feasibility study and contract documents. The building was designed employing “Green” building principles that employ environmentally responsible design and construction practices were used such as passive and active solar energy, photovoltaic and geothermal heat pump systems, SMART START. Part of the design requirements for this building was to be LEED® certified. MDM also provided third-party commissioning services.

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