Royal Palm Academy

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Royal Palm Academy


Broward, Florida



Full Development

$11 million

Phase I - High School Building & Middle School Gymnasium

The project consists in the development of a comprehensive master plan for the Royal Palm Academy, a non for profit catholic educational institution located in Naples Florida. The project consists of the development of approximately 110 acres of land, including 55 acres set at side for the conservation of an existing wetlands preserve. The new educational campus serves the need of a Pre-k through High School population and provides a complete vision that will accommodate a full range of educational, social, religious and recreational opportunities for students and the community at large.

Project Goals:

• To achieve thru innovative programming and master plan implementation, a new state-of-the-art private school facility capable of providing an environment conducive to learning as well as the nourishment and development of positive learning habits and character development

• Provide the Royal Palm Academy through intelligent programming, the development of a long term Master Plan that will maximize initial capital investment, while reducing overall maintenance cost through the implementation of sustainable solutions aimed at protecting the environment and improving the marketability of the school as a caring and nourishing institution. Provide the flexibility for expansion, innovation and change.

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